Renovating – Bring Style to your Home and Increase it’s Size

Renovating – Bring Style to your Home and Increase it’s Size

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Renovating your home is considered as an excellent option for you as it can offer a large number of benefits for enhancing the value, look and appearance of your home. Regardless of the kind of property that you own, it is very important to do proper planning for your home improvement project. Renovating – brings style to your home and uplifts your spirits as it brings in a feeling of freshness and happiness in into your life. It can also make you full of energy so that you feel supercharged as renovating your home can impact your overall health and well being in a positive manner.

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Home renovation offers a large number of benefits as it cleans your home and increases the curb appeal and overall appeal of your home. It can also restore your home to its actual style and it also incorporates the contemporary look for your home. renovating – bring style to your home because this process involves adding, moving and removing walls in order to change the look and style of your rooms and home. Renovation also configures your home for orientation to sun and superior living flow so that you can have a comfortable life.


Home renovation is the best way of increasing the value of your home or property as it helps in creating extra spaces for entertainment purposes or changing needs of your expanding family. Renovation is the best and simplest way of adding functionality to your home as you can make important changes into your home. You can also add another level or floor on top of your home as it can increase the size of your home considerable. You can even change the style of your home by renovating it in the most efficient manner. You can also seek the assistance of an architect or architectural designer for helping you with the renovation of your home, check out Bhutta Renovation for more info.


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How would I decorate a restaurant

How would I decorate a restaurant

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So I was reading the other day that Kate Moss’s brother is set to open a restaurant and they also say that his famous sibling might even help design the eatery. It was his childhood dream to open a restaurant and luckily for him, he had a famous sister that could help him to fulfill his dream. In the interview he also revealed that he would create fusion restaurant, mixing different ingredients and Vietnamese food but he also said that sister Kate was fully behind his plans and a ‘massive fan’ of his food but also that she was planning to help him design the new eatery.

So if I had loads of cash and I wanted to help my baby sibling to open a restaurant I would probably do. And maybe I would also help with a design. And how would I do it you ask? Well, I will tell you.

I know what I wouldn’t do. Not playing much attention on a decor that’s for sure. For me with the food that is the most important. You must take a look about what this space was used previously. Maybe this place was earlier also a restaurant. So you mustn’t mix things.

For example, imagine that you are opening a French restaurant and it was previously a Mexican restaurant. And you realize that in place where you can put yours delicately made French cookies once was some taco stand or something.

Or once there was some Chinese buffets in some corner of the place where you want to put your wine storage. I know that real estate is expensive but try to remove every trace of previous owners. Not just for health reason but also because of karma. I do believe in it, so don’t laugh. So if you have legacy from previous owners don’t take it, throw it away. You all know best if you want some Mediterranean mural in your steak house. Or if you have Bonsai tree and you want to continue to have it your brand new 60s themed diner. For me that’s definition of mis-match decor. So pick a theme and don’t mix it with others. When we talk about fusion in kitchen, then it’s ok.

Also what it’s important for me – not to be cheap. I understand the economy and that you need to save some money so you can pay more for other important things, but nobody likes cheap furniture. Small café isn’t a restaurant. In restaurants you must have big tables and matching comfortable chairs. I saw in lots of coffee shops that people have cheap furniture and I could understand that. In that places that design can pass. It could be something modern and young people could enjoy in that. But restaurants are different story.

It has some luxurious style in it. People want to eat and to enjoy the view. They don’t want so sit in lousy wooden chairs and in the end of an evening to go home with back problems.

I didn’t write a lot about a decor itself because this is the most important thing about design. The beginning and the basic for further development. Creating of something new and I will repeat it, something new.

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Interesting coffee shop interiors

Interesting coffee shop interiors

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Opening a coffee shop is not an easy job at all. At first place you must invest some money to even start, then do marketing and bring the customers and the most importantly – to keep customers. But how you do that? For starters and those who don’t have experience – you must have good coffee because it’s a coffee shop and competition is fierce. In today’s time you have coffee shop in every corner and everyone claim that their product is the best. So you must be aggressive with marketing. You must let people know that your coffee shop is the most reliable, comforting and useful.

But for me, I think the most important thing is the interior of the coffee shop. Not all people agree with me but they cannot deny the fact that interior is pretty important for any bar, restaurant or, in this case, coffee shop. Each coffee shop has its own characteristics in terms of design. And you may ask yourself a question which is the best design for me? I had that fortune that I traveled a lot and I visited many of these shops. So let me advice you how to design your interiors by giving you interesting examples of what good coffee shops look a like.

Café/day coffee shopin Shizuoka, Japan

This Japanese shop has different approach than other places. It has a strange design that starts from outside with the white lines on the asphalt. Their main concept was to bring the outdoors in. It has some artistic values as well. You could look at it as some form of art installation.And it’s pretty weird when you think that this shop is built on a parking lot.

Starbucks ‘The Bank’ Concept Store in Amsterdam

You all know what’s Starbucks. But this is different. We talking here about a concept store from Starbucks, located in Amsterdam, called The Bank. It has some kind of radical and distinguished design. It’s very unique and lots of artists and craftsmen were hired for this interior when it was planned. As a matter of fact 35 of them. This brownish atmosphere could be a hit in your coffee shop.

Vanilla coffee shop

By the first look of it, you could only think of one word. Cute. It’s a tiny shop located in Berlin. It’s a bit of a retro and it has much brighter lights and atmosphere then the Shizuoka and Amsterdam shop. Well actually, it has brighter lights and atmosphere than any other shop I visited abroad. It’s very cozy and it looks like a corner of a house where you are always welcome.

Cribbar surf bar by Absolute, Newquay – UK.

This surf themed interior can be quite interesting. But even though everything is related to surfers, good people from this place avoided using clichés. Its interior is basic but it gives another approach through the use of LED lights in the ceilings. That makes this place more complexed.

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